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Introduction and Instructions

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You have purchased the all new UnderLight. This product was designed and created out of the need for convenient and affordable pathway/utility lighting that incorporates the latest in technological advancements. Your UnderLight possesses features that incorporate multiple aspects that are new to the category.

Motion Activation:
UnderLight possesses a pre-programmed motion-activation system that allows you to select the time. You may select either one minute or five minute. This selector is found on the sensor unit and simply determines the time for which the light will remain on once motion is detected (small black switch).
Note* the motion “Zone” for the sensor encompasses approximately 8 to 10 feet outward from the sensor.
Note* When mounting under cabinets, Kick plates, Beds please make sure to utilize the swivel action on the sensor to maintain a uninhibited line of view for the motion sensor. If the motion sensor is not positioned in such a way that it can identify motion your UnderLight will not come on.
Note* When setting up your UnderLight be sure to position the on/off switch in the ON position

Night Sensor:
Your UnderLight is equipped with a “NightSensor” system that ensures that UnderLight will only come on in a factory pre-set level of darkness. This will ensure proper battery life.
Note* UnderLight will not operate in a high level of ambient light or daylight conditions

Swivel Function:
UnderLight posseses a wonderful ability to swivel 90 degrees. This will allow you to point the motion detector outward when placing the product in areas where your Light strips may be facing downward.
Note* Be sure not to force swivel unit beyond its pre-determined range as this may break the connections and ultimately rendor your Underlight inoperable

Battery Power:
Your UnderLight utilizes 3 AA batteries for operation. This feature combined with the motion-activation and night sensing abilities is what allows you to place UnderLight anywhere you determine that light is needed. Now you don’t need a plug like all those others. The slim design and ability to place literally anywhere is what makes UnderLight so unique.
Note* Ensure to follow directions for battery installation as placing any battery in the wrong direction will render your UnderLight inoperable.

With UnderLight you have the option to add additional light strips. Underlight will work with one strip or you may attach up to 6 strips without significantly diminishing battery life.
Note* Please take care when attaching strips to one another to ensure that pins are properly lined up
Note* Your underLight also comes with a 90 degree elbow attachment that will allow you to connect strips together using the elbow connector to create a 90 degree turn.

Operational Instructions

  • • Carefully unpack all components Carefully unpack all components
  • • Locate the screw that holds battery compartment cover in place and remove with a Phillips screw driver
  • • Place 3 AA batteries in the designated areas ensuring proper direction
  • • Replace battery cover and secure with screw previously removed
  • • Set either 1 minute or 5 minute run times with the selector switch on the sensor housing
  • • Attach Light strips to sensor and power unit carefully (note the male/female design)
  • • Peel the protective covering from the included double sided tape just prior to selection of where you would like to place your UnderLight
  • • It is suggested to test the area to determine if the motion sensor will have the ability to pick up motion either with swivel action or direct line of sight
  • • Slide battery pack into the include battery holster and stick with included double sided tape along with the Light strips in desired location
  • • Adjust swivel sensor to ensure direct line of sight

Your UnderLight should run for many months on one set of batteries. It is important to note that your UnderLight has a 15 second re-set meaning that constant motion will not keep UnderLight on continuously.


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