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Sally B.

I really love mine. I put it under my cabinet right over my coffee pot; sure makes it nice to stroll in around 5am and not have to turn on a light because my little lights just pop on.

Carmen C.
Centennial, CO

I love my Underlight™! I didn't even attach it to anything, I just laid it on my little glass shelf in my bathroom with the battery pack behind a nick-nack so it doesn't even show, and it lights up when anybody goes into the bathroom at night so we don't have to turn on the big lights. It's great! I also bought one as a gift for a family member for Christmas time.

Cheri M.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I was a little skeptical at first as they are battery operated and only 15 bucks but I must say these lights are incredible and so convenient. I put one set in my closet and as soon as I open the door the Underlight™ does its thing. Such a brilliant idea and the convenience is that you can put it literally anywhere. LOVE IT!!!

Tina C.

Purchased the Underlights™ because my husband drives me nuts getting up in the middle of the night with the lights. We loved this product so much we went back and bought 4 more. Without question, a life saver.

William S.
Chester, NJ

Simple design, perfect amount of light, and the product works as the advertising described. It’s not often I am impressed but Underlight™ delivers! Need I say more?

Joanna L.
San Diego, CA.

Ok, so I literally bump into walls in the middle of night because if I turn the lights on falling back asleep becomes a monumental task. I purchased 3 Underlights™ and placed them strategically under the bed, the hallway and the bathroom area just like one of their vids. I have to say that I can’t decide if I am more happy that I am not bumping into walls anymore or if I finally purchased a product that works….. and my husband even agrees. Amazing product. Thanks so much!

Maria M.
Brooklyn, NY

Buy this product! We just got our Underlights™ and installed them just like the instructions said and the video online too. If there was anything negative to say it would be that you might want to use extra double sided tape from the lights for the battery pack. One battery pack came off quite quickly but we quickly learned that you don’t need so much tape for the lights at all. Other than that, where the heck has this been all my life? I very rarely write comments for products but we just had to put in our two cents. This product is so cool and and works like magic every time.

Kris W.

I just got my Underlight™ and so far love this product. I put one in my very dark closet and one under my top kitchen cabinet. The sensor works great. Love love love it!

John S.

The lights are just as advertised. They are mounted under our kitchen cabinets and are completely invisible.
They are perfect.

Debbie M.

Our Underlights™ are great for us! We use them more as our entrance lights at night or from bright sunlight to our dark tiny home! We also have the best bathroom lights on either side of our commode, kind of makes you feel as though you are sitting on a throne! LOL

Pat M.

Just bought the starter kit. I put it across the top of my built in pantry in the kitchen... What a difference!!! I can now pull open the shelves and actually see what is in there.

Nancy T.

Love the lights. Ordered more right away...
I am sure once my friends see them, they too will want Underlights™
Thank You!!

Kevin from Illinois

I recently received my lights (8 total) and found they were very easy to set up and install, in fact within minutes I had installed all the lights in my wife's kitchen. I installed them to provide downlight from under the hanging cabinets onto the counters below and did it as a surprise to her.
Imagine her face when she got up that morning to make her coffee and the instant she walked into the kitchen all these down lights came on automatically. She was thrilled, and I like the fact they shut off automatically.
They have only been installed for a day and if the quality holds up we are very happy customers and would recommend these to anyone!

Tom C.

This product is just what I was looking for for our house. Easy to assemble and install. Great light generated. Thanks!

Betsy F.

I just got them yesterday and installed them. I love that they go on when I approach my kitchen counter so I don’t have to leave lights on all the time especially at night. So easy to install as well. Great little product!

Joyce U.

I love the Underlight™. It is just as you described. I put it just under my granite, under the sink and above the lower cabinet doors. Now I don’t need a night light to burn all night in the kitchen. I wish I had had one a long time ago.

Lisa W.

I just received my Underlights™ and I love them. I have a really dark and small closet and they work perfectly. I can actually now see all my clothes and the actual colors. LOL

They are easy to use and put together. I would recommend them to anyone needing some extra light in a dark spot.

Diane E.

We attached this light under the sink and everytime I go to get something in this dark hole the light comes on and I can see what I am looking for. Very nice.

Donna N.

I love the Underlights™! I use them in our RV and they are perfect in the hall way and in the bathroom!!

Martha H.

The Underlight™ product is working very well. We installed them under all our cabinets.

Luis R.

I am very impressed with the product. Liked very much, thanks!

Peggy M.

Love it!

Cindy D.

I love my lights! So easy to put together and easy to mount. I put my lights in the closet. They come on when the door is opened. Plenty of light come from them.

Deborah L.

I received my order yesterday and I put them all under my kitchen counters and I totally love the way it looks and how they light up when I walk by them. I'll order more today.


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